The Revolutionaries by Max Hennessy, John Harris

The Revolutionaries by Max Hennessy, John Harris
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 1 MB

One last mission, but this time it’s personal…
In the Spring of 1920 the Mexican revolution was almost over. Just across the border in Texas was Martin Falconer, barely out of his teens yet already a veteran airman.
He had only just escaped from the Russian Civil War with his three friends, Slingsby, ‘Puddy’ Pudhovkin and ‘Tommy’ Tucker, and they were all looking forward to a little peace. Martin had cabled his girlfriend Charley, who was in Mexico with her father, to come and meet him.

But his hopes are shattered when they arrive in the border town of Camarillo to collect Charley, and the four airmen are caught in the middle of a battle. When the dust settles, they discover that the retreating Mexican bandits had taken Charley as a hostage.
Martin tries to enlist official aid, but without success. It was up to them – and all they had to use against a desperate band of rebels were two battered aeroplanes, a broken down Avro and a de Havilland with broken wings. This will be his most challenging flight.

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