All-Organic Baby Food Cookbook by Leah Bodenbach RN, BSN

All-Organic Baby Food Cookbook: First Time Parent’s Guide to Nutritious Foods for Every Age and Stage by Leah Bodenbach RN, BSN
English | 2020 | Food & Cooking | eBook | 136 MB

The complete nutrition guide and organic cookbook for healthy and delicious first foods for baby!

For new parents, it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s best for your baby, especially when it comes to starting solids. Holistic health coach and registered nurse, Leah Bodenbach, helps you navigate the choices (and pressures!) in feeding first foods. In her book, All-Organic Baby Food Cookbook, she offers a step-by-step guide to building your baby’s nutritional foundation—including understanding your baby’s gut health and nutrient needs for a healthy brain, body, and bones—so that you can tackle the first year of solids with confidence!

More than just a cookbook, this book has new parents covered with:
• Organic food 101: How to shop organic on a budget, decipher the labels, and other low-toxin living tips
• Food allergies and intolerances: Foods to avoid during the first year as well as advice on introducing new foods and common allergens
• 125 nutrient-dense recipes: Easy and tasty recipes that follow your baby’s growth, from bone broth and single-ingredient purees to toddler snacks and family meals everyone can enjoy
• Hybrid feeding approach: Includes baby-led weaning recipes to develop baby’s motor skills, regulate their appetite, and encourage self-feeding
• Ages and stages: Nutritional and developmental guidance that follows your baby’s growing needs, including which foods to introduce and when
• First-time parent advice: Tips and tricks as well as common mistakes to avoid in achieving feeding success

With All-Organic Baby Food Cookbook, you’ll help your baby develop an adventurous palate as well as a healthy relationship with food.

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