Death and Consequences by Cheril Thomas

Death and Consequences by Cheril Thomas (Eastern Shore #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 845 KB

Ellender York has nightmares . . . everything she dreams is real.

Two years after a split-second decision on a dark country road results in tragedy, Ellender is ready to start over. Not everyone thinks she should be allowed to. Someone wants retribution and will stop at nothing to make her pay.

Attorney Grace Reagan is one month away from maternity leave, and happy to have an intriguing, if odd, case to take her mind off her personal life. She’s having a longed-for baby with a man she can’t stand, and she’s in love with a man she’s afraid of losing. Ellender’s story is a welcome distraction . . . until it starts to unravel. Is Grace’s new client a victim or a liar? And what happens when a killer emerges from the shadows of Ellender’s dreams?

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