Evolution of a Killer by Robert Ullrich

Evolution of a Killer by Robert Ullrich
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 378 KB

Lazarus Solaris, a man who dwells in two separate worlds. In the underworld as well as U.S. intelligence agencies, he is a world class assassin – known only as “The Chameleon”; renowned for his ability to remain anonymous even after 20 years of crafting his trade. A man in which light and darkness dwell in a symbiotic relationship; making him as capable of random acts of kindness as he is of premeditated violence.

In Evolution of a Killer, “The Chameleon” is hired by Texas Banker, Enrique Garza, a man with a hidden connection to a notorious Drug Lord. The contract? Make the banker disappear without a trace – along with millions of Cartel funds. Lazarus, aided by the NSA and others deal with the Drug Lord while fulfilling the contract for the Texas Banker, Enrique Garza.

While working the contract, Lazarus meets Angelique Shaloub – wife of the banker – and an unexpected romance begins to blossom between them; complicating The Chameleon’s contract, as well as his life. He is forced to seek outside help when Angelique is dragged into the middle of the conflict by the drug lord known as El Corazon. He attempts to use her life as leverage over her banker husband. Lazarus develops an intricate solution, eventually leads to a dramatic culmination in Argentina.

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