Father by Michael Riesen, Guy Kosinski

Father by Michael Riesen, Guy Kosinski
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 446 KB

With every click of a mouse, with every touch of an app, with every swipe of a card, we willingly relinquish what little privacy we have left. All for the sake of convenience. Welcome to Father, a modern day thriller that takes data collection to a level that, even by today’s standards, seems unimaginable.

Investigative reporter Elizabeth Kory has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her series on the digital invasion of our lives, in which she singles out billionaire genius George Robert Creighton, III as the godfather of data thieves. From average citizens to sophisticated government agencies, nearly everyone on the planet is using invasive software developed by a Creighton-owned company.

But even Elizabeth isn’t prepared for what Creighton unveils next. He calls it Father—virtual reality glasses that transport the user to any location on earth. Father provides an immersion so deep the wearer not only sees the desired environment, they feel it as well. It’s an experience that takes the world by storm. An experience that Elizabeth Kory believes comes at a devastating price.

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