Rookie by S.J. Bryant

Rookie by S.J. Bryant (The Nova Chronicles #0.5)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 958 KB

Freedom has a price.

Thugs, thieves, urchins – and they’re the good guys.
Nova is tough as steel and as sharp as a switchblade. She thought she’d finally found freedom when she bought a ship and flew away from her home planet, but she soon realizes that freedom doesn’t come cheap.
With crime lords, gangs, and rival bounty hunters chasing her, Nova has to fight just to keep what little she has.
But there’s more at stake than her beat-up ship.

Nova has never needed anyone; she’s a loner, a maverick, a renegade. But now she has to make the ultimate choice; fight in a team, or die alone?

Life is hard, but Nova is harder.

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