The Covered Wife by Lisa Emanuel

The Covered Wife by Lisa Emanuel
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.4 MB

In The Covered Wife Lisa Emanuel explores the harm we can do – to ourselves, and to others – in our desire for belonging and acceptance.

I think I have been here like this still, but awake – quiet, but wound tight as a spring shoved into a box since I lay down, not long after dark.
But I must have slept, slept then woken, shifted from blessed nothingness to tortured waiting.

Sarah is a smart, young lawyer working endless hours when she falls head over heels for Daniel – handsome, passionate and part of the kind of large, chaotically loving family Sarah longed for as the only child of a single mother.
When Daniel introduces her to a charismatic young couple, Rabbi Menachem Lev and his wife, Chani, despite herself, Sarah is drawn in by their progressive beachside synagogue and the song, feasting and friendship that come with it.
By the time she and Daniel move to the Jamison Valley with the other believers, Sarah can’t imagine life without the joy, meaning and love they’ve discovered.
Four years on, youthful fervour has given way to something darker.

As the community celebrates the wedding of a beautiful young convert and a much older divorcee, a series of terrifying truths emerges that tear Sarah’s world apart, and cause her to question everything her faith, her marriage and her future.
This captivating story takes us from a seemingly perfect marriage deep into a closed community, and asks ‘Where would you draw the line?’
Intelligent, unusual and gripping, The Covered Wife is the debut novel of Sydney author Lisa Emanuel.

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