The Skin Hunters by Dominika Best

The Skin Hunters by Dominika Best (Harriet Harper #5)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 397 KB

The Los Angeles River is a perfect hunting ground for a serial killer.
LAPD Detective Harri Harper gets a call from an old friend about the mysterious death of her homeless brother. When Harri takes a look at the case she makes a dark discovery: pieces of his skin and body are missing.

The victim is only the latest in a series of mysterious disappearances along the LA River and its homeless community, a vulnerable population overlooked by everyone and ripe for the picking by a hunter.
When one of the main witnesses in the case disappears without a trace, Harri and Detective Tom Bards must act fast and dive deeper into the disappearances at the river if they hope to find her alive.

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