The Thames Path Killer by Biba Pearce

The Thames Path Killer by Biba Pearce
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 422 KB

A deranged serial killer targeting brides-to-be. An ambitious young detective. A case that could destroy everything. A young woman is brutally attacked on her way home.

It looks like she was the victim of a jilted — and twisted — ex-lover. But then two more women, also engaged to be married, are found dead. The press call the killer the ‘Surrey Stalker’. And there’s a stack of similar cold case files. The pressure is on for young, ambitious DI Rob Miller. But with all the time he’s spending at the office, Rob’s also running a fine line trying to keep his fiancée, Yvette, onside as they try to plan their wedding . . .

* Please note this book is a completely revised edition of “The Surrey Stalker”.

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